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Valladolid Wedding Photographer | Foto Memories Photography
// Marta & Norberto

"At the beggining of the afternoon we were very excited but also very embarrased as we were not used to being the centre of attention. Spending that time with an unknown person, who was taking thousands of pictures, was something unsual for us but very pleasant a few minutes later. More than a photo shoot was a romantic walk, holding hands , showing our love to the world…That was as if we were alone, just enjoying ourshelves. Was Jacob who made us feel like that and we really appreciated it. With no doubt, it was an excellent and unforgettable experience that we would repeat once and again. Thank you so much Jacob to make of this experience the best experience."

Marta y Norberto, Valladolid, Spain.

Meeting clients before their big day is always something we try to do, and Norberto and Marta’s pre-wedding shoot was no exception. Scouting locations is also something we always do-the exception here was that we were lucky enough to be in Valladolid-a city of Kings, Queens and prominent figures in Spanish history (think Cervantes, Christopher Columbus).

The city is the capital of the Castilla y León region in North West Spain and has just about everything-history, architecture, cultural festivals, sport, universities, amazing local cuisine, produces wine and the Plaza Mayor is where Norberto and Marta met!


 History has left an imprint on this city-visible in its architectural diversity. The mountains and castle captured in these pre-wedding shots, typical of the region, are where Marta and her cousins used to play as children.


We had all day to explore, and with the warmest of welcomes from this special couple (and a huge “Thank you” to Belén, Marta’s cousin), time passed and we had an amazing experience.


 The longest time we’d spent with a couple on a shoot, too many pictures to choose from but here’s a preview……………keep a lookout for the shots of the actual wedding day!


- Jacob