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Tunbridge Wells Wedding Photographer

Party time!

Everyone loves a party and we're no exception!. Traditionally a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood, the 21st Birthday is still a significant celebration and Tom's birthday celebrations were no exception.

The significance of the 21st Birthday originates from the rituals of knighthood when medieval knights were deemed strong enough to wield a sword by the age of 21.

Later on, in Elizabethan times 21 was the age of consent for a man to marry.

Although now in England we can legally vote, marry and drink alcohol at aged 18, we believe a 21st birthday truly marks a transition from one stage of life to another-even if a "key to the door" isn't the most popular gift anymore!.

One reason we like 21st Birthdays so much is that they're generally inter-generational events and a time when one's friends from all one's different experiences come together. Capturing interactions at these milestone events can be very meaningful-many people not meeting again in the near future, and photographs provide a visual record of guests who were all invited for a particular reason.

This was high-lighted in Tom's party, an elegant affair in a beautiful marquee in an English county garden